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HelloGreetings! I'm Felicia A. Williams. I'm a writer, wife, mother, grandmother and eternal student, among other things.

When I first put this introduction page together, I started by listing my writing work history. I’ve found that my past writing experience doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes to what I want to do.

Yep, I’ve worked in the insurance industry. I also worked in a zoo, in a medical research facility and a software company. I’ve written manuals, release notes, requirements documents, help files, specifications, business letters and more. I’ve owned several blogs, worked as a Feature Writer for a now-defunct website and did my part to help other writers become better writers. I even wrote a couple of books. That’s all well and good, but what about now?

What Am I Doing Now?

Currently, I’m blogging irregularly on two of my last remaining blogs Low Tech Grandma and A Dose of Health. What’s been occupying most of my time, however, is the process of consolidating blogs and converting them from WordPress blogs to hand-coded HTML websites, like this one. Nothing fancy.

Why go backward from WordPress to static sites you ask?

Maintaining a blog became a constant stream of updates, hack attacks and spam. I realized that wasn’t how I wanted to spend my writing time. By converting blogs to websites, I reduce the maintenance time.

What about this site?

I don’t have a real direction for this site. I registered my domain name several years ago and decided to keep it. After all, I am Felicia Williams and it would be nice to own my domain name. Maybe over time I’ll come up with some thing really cool for this site, but in the meanwhile, it is what it is. Have a look around if you like. It's still a work in progress.

In the meanwhile, here's an interesting book I came across several years ago. It's public domain so it's free to download. The name of the book isThe Seven Day Mental Diet written by Emmet Fox. Enjoy!

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